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We Art Women Artist Cindi Walton

I took my first art class when I was thirty years old. I walked into the Fine Art Store in San Diego clutching my supply list with stars in my eyes. The owner, seeing I was a

student, asked if he could help. I smiled and said, "Yes, as soon as I touch every single thing in this store." From that moment I have lived a creative life that includes painting,

illustrating, songwriting, playing guitar and being in nature. I paint the things I love: guitars, flowers, and nature in a style that I believe has rich depths. For me all creative

endeavors resonate with each other…energy begets energy. Primarily, I paint with acrylics on canvas, but I also use pastels, watercolor, and oils, whatever the project calls

for. Most of the time my compositions and illustrations begin with a piece of charcoal or a good ol’ sharpened pencil.

Cinid's piece "Parenthood 1" is part of our Juried Exhibition. See this painting in person April 4th from 5-9 pm!

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