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You don't have to be a woman to support women. May I introduce Michael Luque:

As an Idaho native, I grew up fascinated with the outdoors and its critters. One of my best friends was Tim Nelson, son of famed falconer and videographer, Morley Nelson. Hanging around Tim, his brothers, and Morley, sealed that interest in nature and led me to study biology in college.

As a way to document my college studies in zoology and wildlife ecology, I began shooting nature photos. My Master's Degree research on Alaska brown bears led to an article and photographs in National Geographic Magazine and to publishing photos in many other magazines and books. Since then, I’ve shot nature subjects around the world, both above and below the water.

Along with Idaho poet and songwriter, Sam Mattise, I’ve published two books of western poetry with color photos, “Dancing Shadows, Mustangs & Dreams – Poems of the Western Range” and “Cowboy Dreamin’ – Sunrise to Sunset – More Poems of the Western Range”. In addition, I’ve published a picture book of cattle branding in Sweet, ID titled “A Sweet Little Branding”.

My photographic goal has always been to shoot subjects that enhance people's understanding and appreciation of the world around them. In addition to nature images, I've been shooting images of the West, including rodeo, ranch life, and cowboys.

Michael's exceptional photo "Yes" is part of our We Art Women Exhibition. See it in person April 4th at Art Source Gallery from 5-9.

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