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Beverly Chick - We Art Women Artist

Creating art takes me into a wonderful world of imagination and beauty. It is also my preferred

way of communicating to others. My art is about my story—what I love, what inspires me,

what makes me laugh, and what is important to me. It is about taking people to someplace

new and beautiful that provides inspiration, spiritual awareness, and clarification.

When I began to experiment with mixing, combining media, instead of using just one medium

at a time, this opened up a whole new world for me. This led me to a unique combination of

mixed media painting with colored pencil and Turpenoid as a basic foundation.

My work ranges from representations of nature and animals, to story-telling illustration art that

involves comic book and science/fantasy art. I often look for avenues of the unexpected,

provoking the viewer to new and unexplored territories. When art tells a story, it brings people

together and reminds us that we are all in the same basic struggles of life. These stories can

even bring a glimpse of the eternal and awaken the heart to deeper truths of life.


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