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Art has always been in my life – mostly painting. I was in an art studio as a child then graduated with a BA Art Degree in Fine Arts from a university in Russia. When I moved to America I tried different art mediums like felting, illustration, and digital painting, but I felt there was always something missing. My only creative outlet seemed to be painting. The idea of making dolls was with me for a while but I simply did not know where to start.

Suddenly, a few years ago doll making changed the focus of my life as all my skills, fantasies and experience happened to be very handy – sculpture, paintings, theater, literature, felting and fashion. Of course, my favorite creative stage in doll making is painting because it was always my absolute pleasure. And I love that magical moment when a little human starts to stare back at you.

The concept of a, "doll", in culture is complicated and simple at the same time. On one hand it is a child’s toy, and on the other, it represents the history of spiritual and magical values, puppet history, social class representation, etc.

For me, doll making is an art, a self-expression. It’s my view of the world, my fantasies and my experiences in the art shape of a little human.

Yes, a doll is very personal. Despite the fact that dolls connect us to lots of superstitions, for me, the doll remains exclusively an artwork.

Creation of a doll for me is no different from any other creative process. Maybe it is a little more sentimental than other forms of art. The process formulates a personal message – a demonstration of your inner child. It’s very similar to poetry in this sense.

Anya's Creation "Forest Nymph" is part of our 2019 Juried Exhibition. See them in person April 4th at the opening reception from 5-9 pm. The Exhibition will be hangin all month.

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