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Angela Neiwert - We Art Women Artist

Clay is my primary medium and I have been obsessed with this wonderful material of the Earth since 1991. I love the process of transforming the clay into hand-coiled and slab-built sculpture as well as throwing on the wheel. My sculptures often contain multiple segments that require an installation experience. There is a storytelling quality that accompanies each sculpture and each design on my pots. I am influenced by the diversity of nature found in the Northwest. There are elements of nostalgia found in my art as I explore paper dolls as a theme in porcelain clay. I draw great inspiration from the environment surrounding my home and studio where I can interact with nature on a daily basis. Recently I have been delving into the process of collecting man-made objects and materials from nature. I have been experimenting with coating seedpods, flowers, hornet nests, leaves, and various plant materials in porcelain slip and firing them as a preservation process. I enjoy using the clay as a canvas for embedding natural objects in the clay combining botany with painted with layers of imagery. My body of work has evolved from an in-depth exploration of the world of teapots, figurative work, pottery, and the installations. The versatility of clay and its endless possibilities continually challenge me as an artist. - Angela Neiwert

See her piece "Communitea spoons" (Frida, Rosie, Wonder Woman, Louise Femme Maison) in the We Art Women Juried Exhibition. Opening Reception is First Thursday, April 4th, from 5-9 pm at Art Source Gallery.

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